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    Frequently Asked Questions
    Here are a few common questions I get asked.
    the difference between a Life Coach and a Therapeutic Coach?
    In my opinion, a Life Coach helps only with the future. In contrast, a Therapeutic Coach helps guide you, in the present, through the changes you want to make for a better future. At times, we do have to go back before we can go forward.
    How long will it take me to see the changes?
    Each person is different. Some find benefit from just a couple of appointments while others have to work hard on themselves for many years. As your coach, I will help you unwrap the package and help you get moving in the right direction. Once we start doing good things then you will see good things happen!
    Do I have to go back and discuss my childhood?
    I specialized in inner child work, so can help in this area. However, we can discuss anything you choose and will pursue anything relevant to the changes you want to make.
    • "Hi, my name is Mike and looking back have had some tough spots in my life. Lorie helps me to step back and look at what happened from a different perspective and that helps me very much! Thank you Lorie!"
      - Mike, Coaching Client in Minnesota
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