Therapeutic Coaching &
Wellness Consulting

What is therapeutic coaching and what does it mean for you?

As your therapeutic coach and guide, my mission is to provide a safe and empowering space for you to discover, within yourself, the resources you need to create real and meaningful changes in your life.

I'm here to support and guide you through a process designed specifically for you. This is YOUR journey, and I want to help you move forward with purpose and clarity.

If you have the desire to heal and transform, you can create that outcome!


In this individual session, we'll explore your deepest desires and personal motivations to better understand your current beliefs and behaviors. Along the way, I’ll listen with open ears, caring eyes, and an understanding heart space.

I am here to offer guidance while helping you see yourself from all angles. However, you will be in the driver's seat. It is YOUR process, and you'll be in charge of choosing the pace and depth to which you want to pursue change.

Each session will be as unique and customized as you and your story. After our time together, you will be able to take away ideas, resources, and insights that you can implement to achieve your goals!


Our emotions are powerful indicators of our well-being. They can point us in the direction of growth while helping manifest change to reach our full potential, prevent disease, and/or restore optimal health.

By working together, you'll learn to identify the root cause of your issues by diving deep into your core beliefs and recognizing thoughts and feelings that are no longer useful. We'll tap into your positive energy and do away with unhealthy patterns.

After all, real healing happens from the inside out. As you get in touch with your body and emotions, you will begin to see yourself as a whole person - not just a set of symptoms and problems. And, I will be with you every step of the way so you can receive the support you need.


As a certified therapeutic coach, wellness consultant, and speaker, my passion is to empower people to make a real change in their lives - and what better way to do so than through motivational speaking?

These speaking events are designed to bring people together to discover different tools that will help you have a more meaningful and successful life.

My style combines powerful insights with inspirational music and entertainment for an experience unlike any other. I'm in this to make a difference and bring you the very best of my knowledge while keeping it real, fun, and honest.

  • "Give a testimonial for my coach? You mean how much you have helped me? OMG LONG it's such a list!"
    - Mark, Coaching Client in California
A Little About Me

Hi, I'm Lorie Streeter, and I have 30 years of experience in the healthcare field with a focus on wellness. I have also spent the last six years coaching, writing, and working in the dental industry.

I originally started this work because I realized that no matter how hard we try, sometimes we can't undo the ball of twine within our heads; we need a guide. So, I became a Certified Therapeutic Life Coach to help others access their full potential and live purposeful lives.

I'm dedicated to the growth and development of everyone that comes to me for help. No matter what your goals or obstacles, I believe you have the power to change your life and, by doing so, you'll enjoy incredible wellness and improved health.

Lorie Streeter with four friends, three women and one man
  • 14 years at AADOM
  • 32 years in healthcare

  • 2009 Business Woman of the Year CC of Commerce
  • Soroptimist Citizenship Award
  • AADOM Innovations Award
  • WE Fest Round Up Winner
  • Certified Reiki Master
  • Certified Therapeutic Coach®
  • Certified Spiritual Therapeutic Coach
  • Certified Practitioner of NLP
  • Certified Master Practitioner of NLP
  • Certified Master Hypnotherapist
  • Certified Master Practitioner of Humanistic Neuro-Linguistic Psychology™
  • Imagine with text there is no such thing as winning or losing there is only learning
  • Image with thext about loving yourself
  • Image with the text The antagonist creates the ability for us to choose between love and fear
  • Image with text Abundance happens when you stop creating barriors to receive it
  • Imae with text you're not like them you are like you. you is good
  • Image with text only you can heal you
  • Image with text Acknowledge you are worth the effort
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