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Feel empowered and discover the life-changing impact of therapeutic coaching.

Get in touch with your body and emotions as we take your journey to better wellness and improved health. Change is waiting.
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Hi, I’m Lorie Streeter

“Sometimes the people you focus on the least, need you the most, and sometimes that person is YOU.” 

As a certified therapeutic coach, wellness consultant, and speaker, I believe in the power of OUR emotions and mindset when it comes to your optimal health and well-being.

As your coach and guide, it is my goal to help you see yourself from all angles and guide you to make the changes that YOU decide to make.

You can benefit from a fresh perspective as I help you navigate through your wellness journey.

Therapeutic Coaching

Step into a space of support and healing. Access the guidance and resources you need to change and achieve improved health and well-being.

Wellness Consulting

Get in touch with your body and emotions while identifying the root cause of your health problems. Manifest change to help prevent dis-ease or restore your health.

Speaking Events

Let's connect and discover the power of inspirational music and live speaking events. Let’s combine motivational speaking with some entertainment.
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Heal Your Heart, Body, and Mind

Taking care of yourself is not selfish, it's needed.
Therapeutic coaching is a never-ending playlist of music on two appointments are the same as we will both be constantly changing. However, we’ll focus on three main areas:
We’ll examine where issues may have started and identify how shifting to good habits can produce greatness.
Your mind has a HUGE impact on your physical health, which means a higher-level mindset with optimal behaviors can facilitate a healthier being.
What is real change without tangible outcomes? Each journey starts with a listening phase before transitioning into action and individual success.
  • "I have been to several therapists and no one could help me get off the crazy merry go around I was on until I met Lorie. She is tenacious, caring, and she always makes you accountable. Working with Lorie has been one of the best decisions I have ever made"
    Maria, Coaching Client in Washington
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